Benefits & FAQ

BENEFIT to you
Cover the market better, get more bang for your buck, move more brochures with us.

BENEFIT to you
Prominent positions (entryways, receptions, computer rooms and social areas) means faster pick up rates and better conversion to booking.

BENEFIT to you
Regular restocking by us leads to higher rates of brochure pick up by prospects and more enquiries & more sales for you.

BENEFIT to you
Your brochure is wanted and demanded by location managers, less cleaning up means less brochures lost/disposed of.

BENEFIT to you
150 points of delivery to us (our sites), let us do the heavy lifting, let us do the climb the stairs, let us have fun with the Sydney parking wardens. Factor your cost of travel, accommodation, freight, car-hire, petrol and staff hours and see that THE WORD is your most professional and cost-effective option.

BENEFIT to you
Only pay for distribution once racks are fully installed, enjoy the loading phase (up to one month FREE).

BENEFIT to you
Never have empty racks, as you have someone keeping an eye on stock for you full time and Sydney-based. Of course you must always send us more brochurs when requested.

BENEFIT to you
Make your brand and your URL the keyword/phrase that this market uses, don’t fight your competitors with AdWords, beat them to the market with your brochure in Sydney with us.

BENEFIT to you
Be confident of where you are and that you are there, by checking up on your service online – anytime!


Is distribution and display of brochures an effective method of marketing?
Yes. We know this because our clients tell us so. We have clients who have been distributing with Sydney Brochure Distribution for more than 15 years. These are professional tourism operators who only continue with forms of marketing that provide good value for money and results. We also have clients testing the service with offers and who have seen strong uptake as a result of our service – brochures work. 


Can you offer a list of locations?
We offer a full list of locations for each service, which is regularly updated and available on our locations page.


Which markets do you cover?
We focus on inbound youth markets – specifically, we offer the largest number of distribution points (70) for independent travellers, and we offer an exclusive service to 75 International Student Colleges, that’s 140 youth market locations in total, by far the biggest and best in Sydney.


How regularly are the racks maintained?
Our “hotspots” racks are restocked weekly, with medium-level locations restocked once every two weeks and suburban (harder to reach) locations once every three/four weeks. We encourage new and existing customers to check locations for content, and we recommend that they spend a half day/day with our distribution team in order to familiarise themselves with the process.

Is distribution of brochures an affordable method of marketing?
Yes it is. We offer a wide range of options, starting from $0.05 cents per site per day*.  We have clients who tell us it is their most cost effective method of marketing.

What areas of Sydney are covered by our service?
Sydney Brochure Distribution services all of the Sydney CBD and surrounding suburbs, including: Surry Hills, Kings Cross, Darlinghurst, Paddington, Bondi, Coogee, Newtown, Glebe and Manly (and others).

Can I choose where my brochures are placed?
Yes.  We have a range of services available. Our flexible system allows the client to concentrate their marketing on either backpackers/independent travellers or international students, or both. This means reduced distribution cost, reduced printing cost and brochures are not wasted by placing them in markets unlikely to attract customers. We always work with the client to design a package to suit their specific needs.

How does brochure distribution fit with the internet?
The internet is widely used for pre-travel planning, however after leaving home, travellers and tourists continue to name brochures as their number one source of information.  Research shows brochures continue to be the best source of information (see our home page for this research). Even fantastic web sites can benefit from being promoted and brochures are a great cost-effective way to do this.

Can one of our staff visit the outlets carrying our brochures?
Definitely! We are transparent about our lists of outlets, plus we offer time with one of our drivers, who can show you or them around one of the runs, for a half day or more.

Can you give me tips to help my brochure display well in the stands?
Yes.  We have seen countless brochures over many years – we have seen what works and what doesn’t. If we can help you avoid expensive mistakes we will be happy to talk with you.

How do I become a brochure display host?
It’s easy – just send us an email. If you have a location that will provide good exposure for our clients we would like to hear from you.


Is any government funding available to support this activity?
You or your business may qualify for an EMDG – Export Markets Development Grant, to assist in funding your marketing activities.  Information regarding the grant scheme is available from AUSTRADE. We would recommend that you talk to an EMDG Consultant, as they have experience in this area.

*Conditional on 12 months booking.

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